Making Paula Deen Proud: The Butter Sculpture Art of State Fairs

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Wikimedia Commons
Butter sculpture of of a dragon. We call her Margereene.
​The Missouri State Fair's kicks off this Thursday in Sedalia. Where there's a fair, there's one thing for certain:

Butter sculptures.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Fair's annual butter sculptures, and the first fair since its longtime artist, Norma "Duffy" Lyon, passed away at age 81 in June.

The tradition's newer at the Missouri State Fair. Siblings Janice Hargrave and Scott Linsenbardt are currently working on their second butter sculpture for the fair, a cow posed as Rodin's The Thinker. It's made mostly from butter recycled from last year's cow butter sculpture.

Although their butter art looks perfectly fine, we think cows are a bit overdone. Check out these less expected butter sculptures.

The Ohio State Fair replicated a Space Shuttle astronaut's mission in butter.

space shuttle astronaut butter sculpture-0000.jpg
Butter at zero gravity.

A butter television, broadcasting a nonbutter version of the moon landing

television butter sculpture-0000.jpg
Des Moines Register
Really buttered popcorn.

A butter King Tut from Texas

king tut butter sculpture-0000.jpg
Butter like an Egyptian.

Darth Vader brought the darkness of cholesterol and saturated fat to the Tulsa State Fair.

darth vadar butter sculpture-0000.jpg
Luke, I am your butter.

And of course, a butter baby Jesus

jesus nativity butter sculpture-0000.jpg
Come they told me, but but but butter.

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