Review Preview: PW Pizza

Jennifer Silverberg
The dining room of PW Pizza
This week I visit PW Pizza (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-7799), the new restaurant from Paul and Wendy Hamilton, owners of Eleven Eleven Mississippi and Vin de Set.

If you order one of the "Classics" at PW Pizza -- the pepperoni, say -- what arrives at your table looks like nothing so much as a pepperoni pizza. This is more remarkable than it might seem. In the past few years St. Louis has seen an evolution in our pizza sensibilities -- an evolution or maybe an arms race, pizzas slid into wood-fired brick ovens that cook at six, no, seven, no, eight hundred degrees.

Visit the RFT restaurant page late this afternoon or check back here tomorrow morning to see what I think.

Location Info

PW Pizza

2017 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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