Post of the Month: Iron Barley Makes the World's Largest BLT. Again.

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Every summer, Iron Barley (5510 Virginia Avenue; 314-351-4500) keeps upping the ante for the world's largest BLT. It hit the record in 2009 with a 179-foot, 2-inch sandwich made with 500 pounds of bacon.

But BLT makers are an ambitious bunch. In Kansas City last June, the Associated Wholesale Grocers broke the record with a 209-foot, 16-inch-wide sandwich to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

During the seventh annual Tomato Fest last Sunday, Iron Barley "smoked 'em," as chef/owner Tom Coghill told videographer Chris Kuban.

What does it take to smoke the giant BLT competition?

600 pounds of bacon
440 pounds of bread
550 pounds of tomatoes
220 heads lettuce
110 pounds butter
60 gallons mayo
1/4 tank propane for toasting

That makes a BLT that clocks in at just over 224 feet long and 18 inches wide.

Once the official measurements were taken, the sandwich was cut into individual portions and sold to benefit the Lift for Life Academy.

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