Blood & Sand Rule No. 1: Wanna Flirt at the Bar? You'll Need Bartender Permission

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Photo by Stew Smith
TJ Vytlacil of Blood & Sand
We snagged a copy of the guest "guidelines" for Blood & Sand (1500 St. Charles Street), the members-only restaurant opened last Saturday by mixologists TJ Vytlacil and Adam Frager.

Here's the very first rule on the list:
In the tradition of most upstanding drinking establishments, Members are expected to ask the bartender before approaching someone who's sitting at the bar.
Wow! Just to get into the restaurant, you must pay a $15-per-month membership fee (or be invited by someone who has). Thus you've already been screened once.

Why, then, if you wish to chat up a fellow member with whom you're unacquainted, must you be screened again?

Gut Check can't help but wonder how many adults will enjoy paying for the privilege of being treated like a pest...

We've got calls in to Vytlacil for a little background on the history of this practice and his reasons for adopting it.

In the meantime, take a look at the membership app below:
Blood & Sand Membership Application

Location Info

Blood & Sand

1500 St. Charles St., St. Louis, MO

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