A Toxic Mix of Foods Used as Hair Product

Categories: WTF?

britney_spears_starbucks 00.jpg
Just wait, and maybe Britney will pour that Frappuccino over her head in the shower.

Lots of kitchen goods can do double-duty for hair. Olive oil and mayonnaise can be excellent moisturizers. Lemon juice imparts sunny blond streaks. Peanut butter can help remove giant wads of chewed gum. Kim Basinger even shilled for a beer-based shampoo in the late 1970s.

But what happens when a gal puts every food from the fridge in her hair? Most likely she'll get naked, hop in the shower, and lip synch to Britney Spears while creating a massive drain clog and ushering wet and messy fetishism into the mainstream. Enjoy!

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