Crazy Nasty-Ass Pussycat Don't Care 'Bout No Fruit

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Cats are carnivores. As in, they eat meat. With the exception of the occasional feline salad to create some vomiting good times, they really don't care about the vegetation. Like our friend, the honey badger, cats just don't give a shit.

To prove this, we've found a new series of Japanese videos that illustrates just how uninterested cats are in fruit.

Labor Day's come and gone, and with it we bid farewell to the luscious summer fruits. But kitty doesn't care that watermelon season's over. Watermelons don't even make good beds.

This pineapple might rock, if it were tall enough to hide kitty so he can be stealthy and kill some real food. Like a hamster.

Cantaloupe? Yeah, more like cantacare less. Go ahead and mash our feet. We don't care. We were just going to lay here for the next 13 hours, anyway.

Do we dare to eat a peach? We're more likely to wear white flannel trousers when we walk upon the beach.

No, adding a plum doesn't make it more appealing.

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Interesting experiment with cats by the way, but I don't think it's quite unusual for them not to pay any attention on fruits, unless they are suitable for playing, as we see on the first video. But nowadays cats have become lazy and lethargic because of the luxury lifes their owers provides them. Only modern and still interesting for pet cats' products like climbing trees or cat condos to hide inside make them cheerful and alive. I like those ones especially:



One of the weirdest posts on this website I've ever seen.

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