Tattoos That Won't Win's Best Beer Tattoo Contest

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Kristina Coley
If you must get a craft-beer tattoo, take a clue from Stone Brewing's Greg Koch -- go temporary.
​Good news! Tattoos have become mostly accepted by polite society and are no longer considered a sign of being a filthy, dirty sailor/whore!

How mainstream have they gotten? Enough that the folks at are holding a contest to find the best craft beer-inspired tattoos. Some entrants are truly lovely -- winding vines of hops, rich gold fans of wheat and even some handsome works of art depicting brewers' tools of the trade.

That said, we question the logic of getting a brand label for any product permanently injected into one's skin. Even with the works of art that decorate craft-beer packaging, is it really a good idea to provide any company with free advertising for the rest of your life?

And why stick to tattoos that just represent craft beer? What about more mainstream beer tattoos? Can't they be beautiful and artful, too?


Face it, you're not going to remember all those great beer bongs you pounded in college. You should get a permanent reminder.

It matches the flip-cup tattoo on your back.

Guinness isn't just for St. Patrick's Day. With this tattoo of a dark pint being humped by a leprechaun, you can show your love for Ireland's stout every single day. Forever!

A really jolly leprechaun, enjoying a Guinness a bit too much.

Concerned about copyright issues? Stick with that old 1970s favorite, the plain white generic label. Economical, and without all those potential cease-and-desist orders!

Nope, no copyright infringement on this guy's flesh.

The Anheuser-Busch eagle is so majestic. Especially when his eyes are as red as a drunk's.

Budweiser pride. Forever.

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