Edible Stickers Encourage Kids to Eat Fruit -- And Stickers

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my_fruity_faces_fruit_stickers 00.jpg
My Fruity Faces
Hey kids! Let's eat some stickers!
​Hey moms! Tired of trying to get your picky-ass kids to eat the fruits and vegetables they need to survive so they don't turn into Anderson Cooper, who only eats turkey dogs and Boston Market turkey plates? Tried everything short of force-feeding them pears through a tube?

A Burbank, California-based company has the solution - My Fruity Faces! They're edible stickers of silly cartoon faces that children can stick onto undesirable fruits and vegetables to make them more appealing. Because what kid doesn't love chomping into a sticky purple cat face?

We're not so sure that My Fruity Faces encourage kids to eat their fruit so much as it teaches them the deliciousness of stickers.

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