Monsanto Skinnies Its Soybeans

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Shape up, Fatty. Scientists are creating a lower-fat soybean.
​The march of the genetically modified Frankenfoods continues! And just in time for Halloween. Convenient.

Because soybeans are so overloaded with fat (not really), Monstanto has come to the rescue yet again. The St. Louis-based Dr. Grain-kenstein is seeking approval for its brand-new genetically modified low-fat soybeans.

What's the point? The low-fat beans could make soybean oil that doesn't require hydrogenation, so it meets current trans-fat restrictions. Soybean-oil sales have been down since trans-fats have fallen out of favor in the past few years.

So it's not really about making soybeans healthier; it's about modifying the beans to sell more oil.

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