New Restaurant in Old Mama Pho Space?

Jennifer Silverberg
Inside Mama Pho, now closed
Mama Pho Vietnamese Restaurant closed its doors at 3737 South Grand Boulevard last fall after only a year in business. The building at the intersection of South Grand and Chippewa -- a former McDonald's -- has been empty since then.

Now, however, the "New Businesses" section of the latest dead-tree St. Louis Business Journal (September 23-29) lists a venture called Wut a Steak at that address, and a business with that name was registered with the Missouri Secretary of State by a Jesse L. Adams Sr.

I drove by the spot today, hoping to see some evidence of what Wut a Steak might be -- besides a pain in the butt to spell-check -- but there was no signage, nor was it readily apparent that any work was being done in or outside. On the other hand, there was no longer a for-lease sign in the window. More as I learn it.

Location Info

Mama Pho Vietnamese Restaurant - CLOSED

3737 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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I saw the new signage at the old Burger King for a new Pho restaurant.  Any chance it's the folks from Mama Pho?  I crave their grilled pork every time I drive down Grand!


Wut a Steak sounds like a Philly Steak/Grill style restaurant. There is also another Vietnamese restaurant going in where the Burger King used to be further south on Grand. Now if only someone would do something with the empty Arby's.

Colin DollarSign
Colin DollarSign

I miss Mama Pho everyday. Truc Lam comes close to the pho greatness that once was...

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