Nicki Minaj Makes Chicken the Next Meat Fashion Statement

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Ain't no thang like Nicki Minaj in a chicken wing.
​Move over, Lady Gaga. Red meat is so 2010. With the beefy meat dress now taxidermidied and encased at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's time to move on to other meat-based fashion. Nicki Minaj has obliged, sporting a hot-pink fried-chicken-wing necklace at the IHeartRadio Festival on September 24.

No salmonella worries -- Minaj used a fried chicken wing. A hot-pink fried chicken wing, most likely made of a material that's not really chicken.

Last month Minaj gnawed a poultry leg -- too big to belong to a chicken, too small to be a turkey -- during a performance on Good Morning America. Her snack was overshadowed by a wardrobe malfunction and didn't bring the ire for the possible racist overtones of an Indo- and Afro-Trinidadian woman from Queens bedecked in chicken.

Nicki Minaj and a pre-nip-slip snack.

The chicken-wing necklace held up well during her performance on Saturday.

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