Eat the Cardinals' Rally Squirrel!

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During Game 4 of the division series between the Cardinals and the Phillies, what is quite possibly the greatest instant replay of all time was filmed on local soil. That's right -- the priceless footage of our hometown Rally Squirrel bopping across home plate and fleeing into the stands with that squirrel-in-the-headlights look on its face continues to amuse us.

The little guy's pop-culture presence is likely to be as fleeting as his trip to Busch Stadium, but for now, you can catch squirrel-themed Cardinals treats at local bakeries and grocery stores. Here are a few -- if you have your own photo of a Rally Squirrel treat, link to it in the comments!

Sarah's Cake Stop
The squirrel silhouette baseball cookie is available upon request.

Courtesy of Sarah's Cake Stop.


Aimee Levitt


Aimee Levitt

Who Made the Cake?

Courtesy of Who Made the Cake?

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