Tidbits from Dooley's, Miso on Meramec

Dooley's has a website. This is the only thing on it.
- Dooley's Beef N Brew House opened its doors on Thursday, October 20, at 601 North Grand Boulevard. This is the successor to downtown institution Dooley's Ltd., which shuttered in 2008. Sean Dooley, son of founder Alex Dooley, is behind the new venture.

Stay tuned to Gut Check for a more in-depth "First Look" at Dooley's very soon.

- George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine reports that Eliott Harris, the sushi chef who revitalized Miso on Meramec (16 North Meramec Avenue, Clayton; 314-863-7888), is leaving that restaurant to launch...wait for it...a food truck. The truck will feature Japanese cuisine, though Harris keeping the exact details secret for now.

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Miso on Meramec-CLOSED - CLOSED

16 N. Meramec Ave., Clayton, MO

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