Eight Tasty Food-Related Halloween Costumes

Photos by Julia Gabbert
​Every year, we wait until the last minute to pick out our Halloween costume, and this year was no exception. We refuse to go the all-too-easy "slutty" route (we have class!), and we're bored with Jokers and Jesuses. So we decided to go with what we know: food.

Spirit Halloween (301 Costco Way, St. Peters; 636-279-1054) humored us and our indecision, allowing Gut Check to take over the store and play edible dress-up for a few hours.

Photographic evidence of our foodie fashion suggestions after the jump.

1. Banana

You can often find a random banana amongst the crowd at a sporting event or concert. It's the attention seeker's go-to ensemble. So why not wear one for Halloween?

Putting on this costume almost guarantees someone (OK, probably you) will dance around and sing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" and/or "I'm a Banana! I'm a Banana!"

The banana costume is one of the most classic and least expensive food costumes we found, ringing in at $29.99.

Julia Gabbert
2. Beer Keg

You won't have to worry about stocking up for that BYOB Halloween party this year -- with this costume, you're already covered.

The beer keg is one of the more elaborate food costumes, complete with a functioning beverage container attached to the hat that connects to a spout for easy pouring. You can be the life of the party for $49.99.

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