Bobby Flay's Spicy Mango + Six Other Diet Pepsis No One Wants

Categories: WTF?

Pepsi Edge
This wasn't a flavored Pepsi, nor was it on the edge. It was in the middle -- half as many calories of regular Pepsi, flavored with Splenda. It was fired for only doing half the job after being featured on the second season of The Apprentice

Diet Pepsi Max
As opposed to the currently available Pepsi Max, which is a calorie-free cola product that isn't Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi Max was a brief blip on the market a few years ago. Since it was loaded with extra caffeine and the ancient energy-building powers of ginseng, it went flying outta here before anyone in our rampantly narcoleptic society could wake up and notice it.

Diet Pepsi Cease Fire
That's right -- lime-flavored Diet Pepsi to compliment Doritos Burn. Get it? Burn? Cease Fire? One's hot. One puts out the fire. It's a match made for the PepsiCo graveyard.

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