Starbucks Vs. the Pretentious Coffee Snobs

Gut Check International Headquarters is fueled entirely by coffee. Fun fact: Many of us have served time as baristas. Therefore, the piping-hot cups of wonderful hold a special place in our hearts, in addition to allowing us to function as reasonably normal and productive members of society.

But because of our intimate relationship with the stuff, we actually kinda empathize with these profound assholes:

Don't get us wrong, it's absolutely obnoxious to say any of that out loud. It's just rude. But do we think some of those things? In our caffeine-addled ex-barista brains?

You bet your "venti," "skinny" Frappuccino we do.

Meanwhile, Starbucks, which is responsible for creating its own frustrating coffee vocabulary and running countless local shops out of business (as well as playing an instrumental part in creating the culture of coffee as it exists today), is using the power generated from being a big, mean corporate monolith for good, sharing its profits with organization in New York and LA in an effort to offset cuts in government funding for educational programs.

Whaddaya think, baristas? Leave your comments below.

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That's 'Coffee Artistan'
That's 'Coffee Artistan'

*rolls eyes* it's not bat guano... I'm sure you're refering to kopi luwak, coffee that has been digested and excreted by the Asian Palm Civet.  You wouldn't have heard of it.

*sigh* making fun of baristas is so mainstream.

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