BitterSweet Bakery to Close November 23

Ian Froeb
The lemon meringue and pine torte at BitterSweet Bakery
BitterSweet Bakery (2200 Gravois Avenue; 314-771-3500) will close its doors on Wednesday, November 23, the bakery and restaurant announced on its Facebook page today. (Tip of the hat to George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine for the news.)

BitterSweet is no longer taking custom orders. It will hold a sale on remaining items from 7 a.m.-2 p.m. tomorrow and Wednesday.

Owner Leanna Russo was unavailable for comment this morning. However, as part of the farewell message posted on Facebook, she revealed that she and her husband are expecting their second child.

BitterSweet earned several accolades from the RFT over the past few years, including "Best Bakery" in 2010 and a spot in my 100 Favorite St. Louis Dishes for its lemon meringue and pine nut torte.

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It was a poor business plan with pretty good baked goods. I knew they would run it into the ground.


i hate to see an independently-owned business not succeed...but maybe if they had been pleasant every now and then people would have wanted to go there more often.

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