Flavors BBQ Sports Bar & Grill Closed

Ian Froeb
The smoked wings at Flavors BBQ
Flavors BBQ Sports Bar & Grill (4317 Manchester Avenue; 314-533-1288) has finally closed for good. The restaurant's furniture is gone, save for the bar and its shelving, and the phone number has been disconnected.

I say "finally closed" because the restaurant had been showing many warning signs over recent months. In September, it closed for a few weeks for a "family emergency" -- a closure that, frankly, I assumed would be fatal. However, it did reopen for at least a couple of weeks.

Flavors could have maddeningly inconsistent hours and service, but I liked its barbecue -- and I loved its smoked chicken wings, one of my 100 Favorite St. Louis Dishes.

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Flavors BBQ Sports Bar & Grill - CLOSED

4317 Manchester Ave., Maplewood, MO

Category: Music

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Flavors has great BBQ, but the service was probably the worst I've seen in a restaurant in years.  It reminded me of volunteers serving food for a fundraiser.  I'm sorry to see it go, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't see it coming.


We had some pretty good lunches there, bitI guess not enough. Sad to see another Grove restaurant close...the ones doing it right seem to have success here. Tom Niemeier-SPACE Architecture & Design

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