The Grease Theft Round-Up

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Got grease? Thieves do.
​Lock up your grease! It's in high demand. Again. This time, it's local. d.Dooley's 026 Grill (568 Old Smizer Mill, Fenton; 636-343-9268) owner Dan Dooley told FOX 2 that the restaurant's been hit by grease thieves seven times in the past year.

St. Louis Wing Co. (9816 Manchester Road, Rock Hill; 314-962-9464) owner Bobby Tessler told the Post-Dispatch that he's lost around $2,000 to grease thieves since opening his restaurant in April. Three teens were spotted stealing grease from Tessler and neighboring restaurants on September 26. One was arrested but hasn't been charged. The suspects came from Springfield.

KSDK-TV (Channel 5) reported that St. Louis City police arrested Ryan and Gary Vaughn, also of Springfield, with stealing grease from Hong Kong Express (3406 South Jefferson Avenue; 314-771-3838). On November 2, the brothers stole a grease tank that had been placed outside the restaurant for recycling.

Local recyclers currently pay around $1.15 a gallon for used fryer grease, which is purchased by rendering companies and converted into biodiesel.

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i think it should be left alone it is out with the waste and atleast it aint making it to the water supply or sewer i also think u should offer the small guys a chance to eat maybe if they could be offered to buy it they wouldnt steal it or is it a make the rich richer type deal no ever ask why its just o there bad people maybe there out of jobs maybe if missouir would find enough jobs so no one had to steal but no they focus on thefts maybe their kids are starving i guess u rich people wouldnt understand that though

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