Ice Kitchen Closed?

The bar at Ice Kitchen
A tipster alerted me last week that Westport Plaza restaurant and bar Ice Kitchen (I-270 & Page Avenue, Maryland Heights; 314-542-2000) might be closing. A call to the restaurant on Friday yielded no definitive information.

Today, however, that same phone number is no longer connected, with a recorded message offering to connect me to similar businesses nearby. What's more, the Ice Kitchen website appears to be down, and you can no longer make reservations there through Open Table.

More as I learn it.

Location Info

Ice Kitchen - CLOSED

I-270 and Page Ave., Maryland Heights, MO

Category: Music

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I had signed up for emails from IceKitchen, and today I received one that said they were permanently closed and thanks for the business. So it does seem to be true.


This is very upsetting to me and I'm very mad at the same time. I booked my 29th bday party there last Wednesday for this Saturday and they took my reservation. Then they can't even contact people who have reservations with them to inform us they are closing. If I would've drove up there to find them closed I wouldn't have been a happy camper and neither would they when I hot ahold of them. That is not very business like and even tho I only have a couple days to figure out where to celebrate my bday I'm now glad I never gave them a dollars of mine.


Thanks for the additional info, Toyouke.

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