Celebrate National Sandwich Day and Win a Gift Certificate to Gioia's [Updated with Winner]!

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Chrissy Wilmes
The BLT from Cyrano's
Evidently, it's National Sandwich Day! Or, so says the Internet. We'll buy it. Why wouldn't we want an excuse to bask in the wonderfulness that is meat and/or veggies and condiments wedged between two slices of glorious bread? (Just look at that sexy BLT!)

So, to celebrate, we're going to A) eat sandwiches and B) give away sandwiches to our dear, dear readers. You could win a $15 gift certificate to Gioia's, and all you have to do is write about how great sandwiches are.

To Enter: Leave a comment below with a brief love letter to sandwiches, or a particular sandwich. It can be one sentence, it can be in poem form, it could be a recipe or a photograph of the best sandwich you've ever eaten.

Update: [Monday, 11.7, 2:20 p.m.] Congrats to commenter Kimberly!

Include your e-mail address, Twitter handle or a link to your Facebook page. A winner will be announced on Monday, November 7.

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Ah, a tasty hot salami sandwich.

Pure Gioia.

Condi Ment
Condi Ment

I love sandwiches any time of the day, in any shape or form, in any location, for any event, and in any combination of ingredients imaginable as long as one of them is bacon.  


Who: You ... because you need to eat this sandwichWhat: The Delta BayouWhere: Blues City DeliWhen: Anytime you have the chanceWhy: Because it's the best sandwich in St. Louis

rhubarbandhoney at yahoo dot com@kimberly9938:twitter 

Fendi Hotdogbun
Fendi Hotdogbun

Little known fact about the origin of sandwiches: the 4th Earl of Sandwich, namesake of the ubiquitous delight, preferred meat and cheeseto be placed not between two slices of bread, but instead between twodeep-fried chicken tenders.

Christopher Reilly
Christopher Reilly

To take a bite of the perfect pastramisandwich—the lightly toasted rye, tangy sauerkraut, homemadethousand island that's not too sweet, and the moist, tender, savory,just-the-right-amount-of-fat pastrami—is to take a literal bite ofheaven; a lifetime of pain, suffering, abstinence, struggle andheartbreak, washed away and rewarded with a single miracle: Thisthing we call the pastrami sandwich. -

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