Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More Still Shuttered [Updated]

Ian Froeb
Gut Check reported two weeks ago that Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More (6016 Delmar Boulevard; 314-721-7267) was forced to close temporarily after Ameren UE shut off its power due to an unpaid bill.

The most recent update from the restaurant itself is this post from its Facebook page on Friday, November 4:
We would love to report some promising news today. We have had several people talk numbers that would not only get us reopened but get us through the winter. However, nothing seems to get formal. We are doing everything possible and our landlords have been more then kind. We so miss all of you.
In the meantime, calls to Pam's listed number reveal that the number is no longer connected. I'm trying to contact the restaurant via email. More as I learn it.

Update: (Thursday, November 10, 10:15 a.m.) Via e-mail, owner Ben Stolfa tells Gut Check that despite setbacks, Pam's still hasn't given up hope:
When we closed or were shut down we honestly had three ideas and thought worst case we would have been back that Friday. Every time we get close to a solution it falls apart. We have a current idea working. It is an all-in idea, and we are trying to see if we can pull it off and make it through the winter. We should know by the weekend at the latest. We really do miss our extended family.

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Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More

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Kenny Red Leader Schmied
Kenny Red Leader Schmied

So, I know Pams has offered quite a few of the 'living social' / 'groupon' daily deals - and I have previously heard about businesses repeatedly going back to those types of deals to keep afloat - they're big time drivers of revenues 'today', and are an easy fix to short-term cash flow problems. I admittedly don't know much about Pam's financials, but I'm assuming they were unable to pay their bill because they didn't have the money - which I assume is in part because they've tried the daily deal route so many times. With the margin so low on food stuffs anyways, it seems like Pams has been operating at a default -50% margin for too long now. I've had their hotdogs and they're pretty good, but from my seat, this is just gross financial and marketing mismanagement. Best of luck to them, and I hope they can turn it around... but maybe they should lay off the daily deals for a while.

Fendi Hotdogbun
Fendi Hotdogbun

I think your logic might be backwards: it isn't that "they started doing 'daily deals' so now they don't make any money," but instead that "they don't make any money so now they started doing 'daily deals.'"  It's kind of like the chicken and the egg, except here the chicken is "not making any money" and it definitely came first.

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