Rallying Around St. Louis Wing Co.

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Robin Wheeler
Rally Squirrel wings at St. Louis Wing Co.
It's been two weeks since the Cardinals won the World Series. So where's the Rally Squirrel?

Probably hanging around St. Louis Wing Co. (9816 Manchester, Rock Hill; 314-962-9464), lured by the peanut-y goodness of his namesake wings.

Chef (and owner) Bobby Tessler's wings are fried without breading or batter, which results in a crisp skin and juicy interior. The "Rally Squirrel" wings have an extra crunch, thanks to a sticky, caramelized peanut sauce and a scattering of chopped peanuts.

The "Rally Squirrel" sauce is reminiscent of Thai peanut sauce: a layer of sweetness followed by the richness of toasted nuts and a hint of something else (toasted sesame, perhaps?).

The wings aren't swimming in sauce. Instead, the light coating accents the meat's natural flavor. Make no mistake, though: These are wings. There's a roll of paper towels on your table for a reason.

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St. Louis Wing Co.

9816 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, MO

Category: Restaurant

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