A Veteran's Day Look at Military Chow

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Wikimedia Commons
A Thanksgiving dinner with U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
Talk to any veteran, and there's a good chance you'll hear about military food, from mess halls to MREs, food drops and sharing with the needy, and of course the local eats from the far-flung places where they've served. Eating with American-style abundance is one of the many sacrifices troops make while serving their country.

For Veteran's Day, here's a video peek into the food lives of troops.

Just how do they get food into submarines that are under the sea for months at a time?

Thanksgiving prep for troops is a big undertaking that no longer involves the dreaded phrase "turkey roll."

The official Army video gives their take on what happens in mess halls.

Marine Corps mess halls get the same scrutiny as the soldiers.

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