Delmonico's Diner Closed Until February

Iconic soul-food restaurant Delmonico's Diner (4909 Delmar Boulevard; 314-361-9073) will be closed until February 2012, when it will reopen under new management, according to the sign posted on the front door.

It's unclear when the closing occurred. A trusted Gut Check operative was unable to reach the restaurant beginning last week. When I stopped by the restaurant just now, two cars parked in front of the restaurant, read the sign and then drove off, suggesting that news of the closing has yet to spread very far.

Eva Bobo, who founded Delmonico's in the 1960s, passed away in 2005. Dorothy Dunn, her niece had been running the restaurant since her death.

More as I learn it.

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Buchanan's Restaurant

4909 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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Hello! As the Grand daughter of Eva Bobo, I would like to clear up this article. (1) Dorothy is the DAUGHTER of Eva Bobo.(2) Our family restaurant will eventually RE OPEN under new owners.(3) My family decided to retire after more then 40 years in the business. However, there will be an article in the papers soon. Look for it.

Mike N.
Mike N.

Technical question:  what does "under new management" mean in the restaurant world?  It seems to imply that there'll be a new kitchen manager and/or front-of-house management, but in my anecdotal experience it usually means someone bought them out, which could be good, could be bad, could mean nothing.  *shrug*

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