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Mabel Suen
Chef Neil Al-Kobri's Tuna Sashimi plate.
The new year brought a new place of indulgence to Midtown. Desserts on the Boulevard (3949 Lindell Boulevard; 314-533-3377), an upscale bistro, bakery and wine bar owned by Deverick and Catina Miller, opened its doors to the public officially on January 3 with a full-service savory menu and fully-stocked bar ripe for entertaining. Gut Check met with DotB's kitchen and bar staff to get a peek into the menu's offerings as well as a preview of a brand new dessert menu, including unique "flavor tripping."

Make no mistake -- DotB is much more than just a way to sate that sweet tooth. Executive chef Neil Al-Kobri, who has worked at Coastal Bistro & Bar and the former Mosaic Bistro Market as well as BARcelona Tapas Restaurant and Luciano's Trattoria, describes his savory menu as simple but elegant, using the freshest ingredients possible.

Mabel Suen
Pan-seared scallops.
His technique-driven offerings provide a modern spin on classic American cuisine, featuring several small plates or "tastes," soups and salads, flatbreads, entrées and sandwiches. Of them, Al-Kobri recommends pan-seared scallops ($14) with butternut-squash purée, prosciutto and a maple sherry reduction; tuna sashimi ($12) with wasabi aioli and a soy-ginger reduction; and Maple Leaf Farms duck breast ($19) served with sweet potato purée, spinach and ginger duck jus.

Al-Kobri, along with his small kitchen staff, worked together to develop individual items on the diverse dessert menu to supplement slices of desserts available from Hank's Cheescakes. Pastry chef Cinnomin Brothers says patrons can expect everything from classical components to deconstructed desserts. Brothers' own concept, the "Cherry Apple Romance" ($7.99) features a maraschino reduction with apple panna cotta and honey-mascarpone mousse.

Mabel Suen
Deconstructed desserts include "Love @ First Sight" ($6.99), which marries lemon sabayon, toasted graham cracker crumbs, torched meringue and strawberry coulis, and "Infatuation" ($6.99), featuring chocolate cake crumbs, milk chocolate ganache, chocolate powder, almond purée and vanilla bean ice cream.

Mabel Suen
Pastry chef Cinnomin Brothers.
Mabel Suen
Desserts on the Boulevard's bread pudding.
Perhaps the most sought-after dessert so far is "The Obsession" ($7.99), which utilizes miracle berry to neutralize sour tastes and enhance sweetness in an experience DotB refers to as "flavor tripping."

"Neil basically chooses some things that are bitter or sour and composes them with a peel from a miracle berry," says Broters. You place it on your tongue, it dissolves and turns off your sense of bitter or sour. It's a really cool, untraditional exploratory dessert." He adds that pairings have included items like lemons, goat cheese with a balsamic reduction, citrus soda with cranberry juice and even dill pickle chips.

Bar manager Andy Printy, who has tended bar at The Four Seasons' Cielo, Del Pietro's and Luciano's, assembled his drink menu with decadence in mind as well, with all juices, syrups and reductions made in-house. "A lot of our drinks lean toward the richer, dessert side of things. I like to be a little culinary behind the bar," he says.

Mabel Suen
Bar manager Andy Printy with his cosmic cosmo and beer milkshake.
He recommends the "Cosmic Cosmo" ($9), featuring moonshine infused with cranberries, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice. For designated drivers or simply non-drinkers, he crafts a beer milkshake ($6) featuring a Guinness and chocolate reduction blended with Serendipity ice cream and topped with a shot of RumChata-infused whipped cream cleverly leveled off to resemble a pint glass of poured beer.

Mabel Suen
DotB is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. (kitchen open until 11 p.m.) and Sunday from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m., with occasional live entertainment including jazz and blues performances. Check out the Desserts on the Boulevard Facebook page for updates, and reserve your own "flavor tripping" party by calling 314-533-3377.

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C Wright08
C Wright08

Desserts On The Boulevard STEALS FROM THIER WORKERS, THE OWNER assaulted myself and two other people, one being a CHILD, AND they do NOT deserve to have anyone patronizing their weak establishment. This is absolutely serious.

Ms. Blue Eyes
Ms. Blue Eyes

I'm a happy employee at DOTB (FOH by the way), and it's quite unfair for you (Candace Wright) to do what you are doing. Honestly, you were very lazy and didn't provide good service. I was there when you, V, and her son stormed into their business with violent threats. So how could you say something negative about DOTB. Personally, I think the owners are cool, and it appears as if everyone else here is happy to work for them, too. Business has picked up tremendously since you and the rest of your crew have been removed. You guys stole from them and you all broke into their establishment and vandalized it. I hope you and the other two go to jail for a long time. Seriously, take a look in the mirror and quit hating. In addition, I am going to testify on behalf of DOTB as to what you and the others have done. You know who I am. 

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