Girl Scout Calls for Cookie Boycott over Transgender Scouts

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​Honestly, Gut Check was starting to get annoyed that the Girl Scouts of America hadn't gotten back to us about the unfortunate associations with the name of their new Savannah Smiles cookies. But then we heard about this story and realized the organization has PR problems that aren't the result of a booze-addled food blogger's atrophied brain.

At any rate, meet a California Girl Scout named (apparently) Taylor. She's upset that the Girl Scouts allow transgender individuals to join. In a YouTube video, she presents her case against transgender Girl Scouts with a lawyer's attention to detail and a public-access TV host's ease with a teleprompter.

What's that? Is Gut Check implying that this particular Girl Scout is merely the stooge for the political agenda of adults with an axe to grind against the cookie-powered organization?

Nah. Gut Check was on the high-school debate team and is fully aware that a teenager can produce a long argument with lots of block quotes that cloaks its logical fallacies in stab-your-ears-with-an-ice-pick boredom. See for yourself after the jump.

(h/t: Grub Street)

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Cheryl Geppert
Cheryl Geppert

I was VERY mad about the Savannah Smiles cookies also. I connected GSEM and received an email back from them stating the "reason" why St. Louis will not have them is because GSEM is under contract with another cookie baker. St. Louis uses ABC Bakers and the Savannah Smile cookies are only offered by Little Brownie Bakers (which is a Kellogg company). I was given NO I am sorry or anything. Just that they are under contract and that was it.

IMO ~ if your going to broadcast on NATIONAL tv a cookie then NOT offer it to your local girls your STUPID! That is MONEY you are LOSING!

My daughter is a Brownie and is currently selling cookies. I've been asked by close to 25 people do we have the Savannah Smile cookies. As soon as I say no they say no thanks!

The Girl Scouts have made a HUGE mistake by not allowing both bakers to have that cookie!

it's a trap!
it's a trap!

Fuck her..."Taylor" looks like a ts herself.  She should be "an hero" and do us all a favor.

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