Hamburger Mary's Opens in Midtown

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Hamburger Mary's opened this week at 3037 Olive Street in the ever-burgeoning Midtown Alley area. The original Hamburger Mary's opened in San Francisco in 1972. Though that location has since folded, there are now eleven Hamburger Mary's nationwide.

Hamburger Mary's describes itself as "an open-air bar and grille for open-minded people," and the chain actively markets itself to the LGBT community.

Gut Check will have a First Look at Hamburger Mary's very soon. In the meantime, the restaurant is serving dinner from 6-10 p.m., with lunch service to follow soon.

Call 314-963-9943 or visit its Facebook page for more info.

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Yea the owners and some employees in the gay world stole this business, almost like another Enron internal scandal.

Ever since this my friends and I, have showed up to find chaos.
Long waits for orders
food overcooked or under cooked,
rude people,
spoiled food
dirty dishes/tableware

the only good thing was they served my friend beer who is only 18 just because he was cute, and he was happy.
I hope that these people behind the takeover will get their karma soon, and the business come back.


The food is very good and the inside of this place will have your head spinning. a little zany and a little FOX theatre, it's WORTH THE TRIP.

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