Vintage, Psychedelic Ads for Hostess Twinkies

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OK, we're back to Twinkie the Kid. Here Twinkie takes a couple of kids to Twinkietown, a town made out of Twinkies, and gives the kids Twinkies to eat in front of him, which is just disturbing on so many levels. Is Twinkie the Kid the only sentient Twinkie? Is he lonely? What would happen if the kids tried to eat Twinkie the Kid? Would he let them? Why don't they just eat him?

Now let's hop in Gut Check's Wayback Machine to the 1950s and watch this clip from the Howdy Doody Show in which Buffalo Bob actually makes Twinkies. Amazingly, this is the same process that Hostess uses today.

Of course, no discussion of Twinkies and popular culture would be complete without this clip, perhaps the greatest moment for any snack cake in the history of world cinema:

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