Another Year, Another Story About Lebron James' Birthday Cake

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The LeBron James-approved cake lost to the Dirk Nowitzki-approved cake in six.
One year ago, Gut Check marveled at the Tower of Babel-esque birthday cake made for basketball megastar and serial playoff choke artist LeBron James. So we weren't exactly surprised to see this week's news from the Miami Herald that LeBron James' "people" had rejected the cake prepared for his birthday this year.

Seems a Boca Raton, Florida, baker named Alethea Hickman was conscripted at the last minute to provide a $3,000 cake for King James' party gratis.

So Hickman designed a Heat-red cake with edible gold dust and an edible crown on top.

But when she went online early on New Year's Day, the photos tweeted worldwide were those of an ivory-colored rum cake with gold lion's heads from Miami's Divine Delicacies.

Hickman is understandably "mortified" and wants to get paid. But without a doubt the best quote in the piece comes from a hotel official: 

"I can't tell LeBron James what birthday cake to eat. It's LeBron James, for Christ's sake."

(h/t: Eater)

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ok so i’m just catching up on all the updates but the articles CLEARLY state that 2 different groups ordered the cakes. Passion for pastry was contacted but reps from the hotel while Divine Delicacies what hired buy the team. so if she really has an issue she should take it up with them. Lebron didn’t order the cake so why should he pay for it? it seems to me like there was a communication issue between the team and the hotel. If Divine Delicacies makes all the cakes for the team’s events why wouldn’t they make this one?Hickman’s Cake was Horrible!!! Lebron doesn’t need to address anything to this lady and her poorly done cake. She has gotten publicity from Lebron.Everyone STOP blaming Lebron for this.That Baker it’s completely unprofessional in my point of view for talking to the media trying to bash Lebron.

Alfred Abdo
Alfred Abdo

If Divine Delicacy is typically the baker of choice for a Lebron James event, then is it possible that Ms. Hickman's cake was a better choice, with no disrespect to Divine Delicacy, and perhaps Divine Delicacy sabotaged Ms. Hickman's cake because it was better to begin with.


No offense but it was that the cake had some defects. The whole Design Mrs.Hickman created was horrible. You can't blame them for that can you?

Besides, why would you make this accusations. The cake Divine Cakes created was a much nicer cake.You can argue all you want. But the WHOLE WORLD agrees with that!

And I guess Lebron Janes too.

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