Trattoria Marcella Announces Second Location

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​The acclaimed south city Italian restaurant Trattoria Marcella (3600 Watson Avenue; 314-352-7706) announced today that it will open a second location in west county. The new restaurant, to be located in the new Ballwin Grove development on Clayton Road north west of Route 141, is slated to open some time between mid-May and mid-June.

"We have been looking for a new location for ten years, but were tied to Trattoria Marcella with our hearts and souls. Now, we want an outlet to be more creative, and try out more dishes and menu items," owner and chef Steve Komorek tells Gut Check.

According to Steve Komorek, the new restaurant will include some of the "same flare and flavors" of the original establishment, but will include some marked changes. For one, it will be more casual, catering toward families.

"It will be the type of place where you can go out with the family on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night, but still get a glass of wine," explains Komorek. "There will be a large selection of wines by the glass -- larger even than Trattoria Marcella's."

While Komorek remains mum on the name of their new restaurant, he and his brother, Jamie, do plan on including "Marcella," in honor of their late mother, who originally led them into the restaurant business.

"I want the new Marcella to stand on its own," Komorek says. "We'll bring Trattoria Marcella's flavor, service, and style to West County, but the new restaurant will be its own place."

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Trattoria Marcella

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We LOVE Marcellas.  We brag about it all the time, which is why we were so disappointed last weekend after a horrible dining experience there.  The service was very slow.  It took 10 minutes before the waiter even came to our table.  The rolls were stale.  I finally had to get up and get my own sweetener for my iced tea.  My medium-rare beef tenderloin came well done.  Our waiter rambled thru the desserts so fast with no explanation at all and he was looking all over the room as he spoke to us, we just decided to skip dessert all together.  What a huge $130 disappointment!!!  I sure hope you get it together like you've been known in the past before you take on this new location!  By the way, the owner even saw me get up and get the sweetener and he never even came to our table after that....

Suzanne Gundlach
Suzanne Gundlach

Very exciting!  Love the original restaurant in St Louis Hills, been missing it since we have moved out West.  Looking forward to your Grand Opening!


141 runs North/South - I believe you meant to say WEST of 141.


I wish them continued success on their new venture. Dine there a lot and it is a fun place.


Indeed. Thanks for the correction!

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