Another Starrs Restaurant Is Born?

Jennifer Silverberg
Bud Starr, owner of Starrs and a multiplicity of restaurants
​Last week, Bud Starr stunned the St. Louis restaurant community when he closed the doors on Root, the restaurant inside his wine shop Starrs (1135 South Big Bend Boulevard, Richmond Heights; 314-781-2345), after only three weeks of operation.

The restaurant, he told Gut Check, was bleeding money "like a stuck pig." In addition, he said, "We will never reopen as a restaurant again."

That was Friday, February 10. But like the lady said, tomorrow -- well, tomorrow is another day.

As a reader noted in the comments of the post about Root closing, on the evening of Tuesday, February 14 -- you were probably busy getting busy at the time -- Starr sent out his shop's email newsletter. It included news about a new format for the Starrs restaurant.

Our new restaurant will be prefix [sic] dinners on Friday and Saturday three courses from 19.99 to 23.99 and our famous deep dish pizza will also be available starting in March.

Starr was out of town when I called the shop for more information, but an employee confirmed the basic details from the email newsletter. More information as I learn it.

Location Info

Bud’s Smokehouse & Grill

1135 S. Big Bend Blvd., Richmond Heights, MO

Category: Restaurant

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While there has been some obvious issues with keeping a successful restaurant at this location, the store in my opinion has a fantastic beer selection. 

Don Kasak
Don Kasak

I live within walking distance of Starrs, but I choose to drive to the wine shops in Clayton. Bud Starr, based on the comments regarding Root and how he interacted with Ian on Twitter, comes across as a rich man who doesn't need his business to make money. Therefore, he doesn't have to bother himself with such nice things like customer service, clean stores, interpersonal relationships, and so on. His space would make for a great location for a pop-up restaurant, but given how many bridges have been burnt of late, I would think that any and all interested parties in using his space are staying far, far away.

Lincoln Douglas
Lincoln Douglas

No pizza, no matter how delicious, is worth the agony that is dealing with Bud Starr. Please just go out of business already and let someone else do something decent with that prime location.

downtown diner
downtown diner

Class A nut job. He ran off what could have been the cities best, true farm-to-table rustic American restaurants. I will never spend a penny at Starrs.


Are you kidding?  After that blog post about Root and the comments?  Note to self: Avoid at all costs.

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