Why HELLO, Kitty: Adorable Japanese Icon Hits Career Low

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"I'm not just about the pussy."
​Tokyo Hooters locations recently announced a very special Valentine's Day promotion: Hello Kitty herself will don the signature orange shorts, tan pantyhose and push up bra to serve hot wings and beer to lucky patrons.

Where to begin? With the fact that it's terrifying to sexualize a cartoon character who's the sickeningly adorable hybrid of a kitten and a four-year-old girl? Or do we jump right into how absurd it is that anyone would ask a self-respecting gal to accompany them to Hooter's on Valentine's Day for half-price wings and stranger-tits-in-the-face? Nothin' says romance like female objectification and mediocre food. (We're offended by both, but perhaps more so by the sub-par eatin'. We put up with you all year long. It's Valentine's Day, and we deserve a quality goddamn steak.)

What happened, pussy cat? You seemed to have it all: love, a product line, an endless collection of accessories. Why dive tail-first into the male gaze at this point in your life? Most of these gals are in the 18-24 demographic, while you're pushing 40. You should know better. We'd spritz you with a water bottle, but in that shirt...let's just say it might be counterproductive.

So, what do you guys think? Is it adorable? Disgusting? Pointless? Also, would you ever dare bring a date to Hooter's on Valentine's Day (or any other day, for that matter)? Let us know in the comments.

Also, please feel free to create Photoshopped Hooters-girls-with-cartoon-character-heads and submit them to letters@riverfronttimes.com. We're easily amused.

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.. Hello Kitty also has vibrators. Does this blog post anything from anyone? Because every article I'm reading seems to be someone who didn't do the research and just spewed something onto a text document, hit send and got published. That's sad, considering what you've written is now forever stuck on the internet, where millions of people will see it.


hell yes for cartoon hooter girls. tinkerbell is my favorite. and absolutely take a date to hooters. no food may not be the best, but its the same male carnival atmosphere as taking her to the game, with plenty of sexual inuendo thrown in. if she doesn't get pissed off, you are going to get laid.and since you took her there on your date, you go back on valentine's cause you are a romantic. take her there on your anniversary too. same reason. woman love a romantic.


Does Gut Check have absolutely zero grasp on Japanese culture? Hello Kitty is the official Japanese tourism ambassador, plus Hello Kitty is so popular in Asia, you can find her everywhere. Everywhere. It's a no-brainer that Hello Kitty would make an appearance at a Hooters. The fact that Gut Check finds this so demeaning and shocking just illustrates how out of touch and naive the Gut Check writers really are.

Kitty White
Kitty White

Love the collector's value of the pin but if my hubby brought me to that place for Valentine's Day I'd have to hoot and hollar at him.

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