JR Crickets Wings & Things Coming to South Grand

Ian Froeb
​When Gut Check last checked on the space that was previously the home of the lamentably short-lived Mama Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, we learned that it was slated to become a restaurant (presumably) called Wut a Steak.

That's not happening. Instead the space will house the awesomely named JR Crickets Wings & Things.

JR Crickets is an Atlanta-based chain founded in 1982. According to its website, the South Grand spot is one of three openings planned for St. Louis this year, along with 2230 Olive Boulevard and 1810 Woodson Road in Overland.

Besides wings, the JR Crickets menu also includes sandwiches, wraps, burgers, baby-back ribs and chicken and waffles.

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J.R. Crickets is one of my favorite spot in the ATL.....i cant believe have one here....im first in line when they open!

Mike N.
Mike N.

Seems odd to have the name of an insect in a restaurant name, but what do I know...

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