Mammer Jammer Closed

Ian Froeb
Mammer Jammer's "It"
Mammer Jammer (5124 Natural Bridge Road; 314-381-1617) has closed. The sign is gone, newspaper covers the windows, and a sign advertises a new business opening soon. (More on that in a second.)

Mammer Jammer was famous for its namesake sandwich, a sort-of cheesesteak with hot peppers that ranged in heat from tolerable to the palate-scorching, brain-bending "It," one of my 100 Favorite St. Louis Dishes.

In Mammer Jammer's place will be a new restaurant called Divas in the Kitchen. The owner, who goes by Ms. Deb, tells me that the restaurant will feature sandwiches and soul food as well as catering.

Ms. Deb has targeted Wednesday, March 7, as Divas in the Kitchen's opening date. She tells me that she hopes the restaurant will provide employment for at-risk youth, a plan that she describes as "something I'm determined to do."

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Mammer Jammer Restaurant-CLOSED - CLOSED

5124 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, MO

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No more Bleeding Deacon, no more Sci Fi Lounge, no more Mammer Jammer, no more Leonard's TV. Just close ASW and Good Pie and I'll officially be living in a completely unfamiliar city.


Im devastated !!! 


I'm on suicide watch:(

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