Tidbits from BARcelona, Tsevis' Pub & Grill

Jennifer Silverberg
Inside Bocci Bar, one of the restaurants Brian Hale will now oversee.
​As I noted the other day, this has been a very busy week (or several weeks, really) for restaurant news. Here are a few more items from around town:

- George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine reports that chef Brian Hale, formerly of Monarch and Chase Park Plaza, will be the "director of culinary operations" for Frank Schmitz's three Clayton restaurants: BARcelona Tapas Restaurant, Bocci Bar and Coastal Bistro and Bar. Hale will work to reconfigure the menus of the latter two restaurants.

- Ligaya Figueras of Sauce reports that Tsevis' Pub & Grille will open (or, techincally, reopen after a hiatus of a few years) at 8025 Mackenzie Road, the space that was previously (and very briefly) home to Martello's Italian Restaurant.

Location Info

BARcelona Tapas Restaurant

34 N. Central Ave., Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

Bocci Bar

16 N Central Ave, Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

Coastal Bistro and Bar

14 N. Central Ave., Clayton, MO

Category: Music

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