Modesto's New Chef Selects Spring Menu

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Sarah Rusnak
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​On March 1, Gut Check reported that chef Grace Dinsmoor had left Modesto Tapas Bar and Restaurant (5257 Shaw Avenue; 314-772-82720) over creative differences, and Michael Warhover, former executive chef of Bailey's Range (920 Olive Street; 314-241-8121), had landed at Modesto as its new executive chef.

Today, Modesto announced its first menu under Warhover's stewardship, a spring selection of Spanish dishes it describes as, "...a combination of old favorites and innovative cuisine...Warhover used traditional Spanish ingredients to create several new dishes with invigorating flavors that complement and energize the current menu."

The new menu includes: Coca de Higo y Queso de Cabra, flatbread with figs, goat cheese and bacon; Vegetales con Huevo, roasted vegetables with soft baked egg; Tocino con Slasa de Cereza, crispy pork belly with cherry sauce; Empanadillas de Picadillo, pork, olive and raisin pastries; Calamares Rellenos, stuffed calamari with chorizo, dates and almonds.

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