Review Preview: Seoul Taco and Chop Shop

Robin Wheeler
Eliott Harris left Miso on Meramec to start Chop Shop, a sushi food truck.
This week, I take a look at two of the more interesting food trucks rolling through our streets: the Korean-Mexican mashup Seoul Taco (@SeoulTaco; 314-517-9816) and the sushi truck Chop Shop (@chopshopstl). A sneak preview of my review after the jump.

Eliott Harris is Chop Shop's owner and chef. As he proved at Miso on Meramec in Clayton, where he was the executive chef from 2009 until last year, Harris balances Americans' demand for ever-more-elaborate rolls with a traditional sushi chef's insistence on impeccable technique. With Chop Shop he has adapted this approach to the reality that many Americans view sushi as a commodity to be ordered at fast-casual joints or purchased prepackaged at the supermarket.

Chop Shop sells what it terms "big fat sushi rolls." Instead of slicing these overstuffed rolls into small, bite-size pieces, Harris cuts them in half, the better to be held and eaten like a wrap, with the seaweed wrapper taking the place of the tortilla.

Check back here tomorrow for my review.

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Seoul Taco

@SeoulTaco, St. Louis, MO

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Chop Shop

@chopshopstl, St. Louis, MO

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