Seven St. Louis Foods That Should Be Stuffed Inside of Easter Eggs (Instead of Jelly Beans)

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Kristie McClanahan
Two and a half Buffalo chicken rings trumps 77 jelly beans.
Easter-egg hunts are all fine and good: there's the thrill of the chase, surreptitiously throwing elbows to be the first one to grab the brightly colored plastic ovum, the victorious score, and finally, the sweet second of anticipation before breaking open the loot to find...stupid jelly beans.

Now, we're not one to look a gift bunny in the mouth (those front teeth are scaaaary!), but we are one to offer suggestions. So here's what else can fit into a closed, regulation-size, three-inch plastic egg, should the Easter Bunny want to try something new this year and cram 'em full of St. Louis' best loved edible goodies. (For the record, those same eggs hold 77 jelly beans a piece, according to our highly scientific count.)

32 Imo's Provel ropes

Kristie McClanahan

1 large side of au jus from Lion's Choice

Kristie McClanahan

1 White Castle cheeseburger, 6 bitten-in-half French fries

Kristie McClanahan

1/6th of a pound of mostaccioli from Schnucks

Kristie McClanahan

2.5 Buffalo chicken rings, also from White Castle

Kristie McClanahan

2 toasted ravioli (1 bitten in half)

Kristie McClanahan

One-third of a small "Cardinal Sin" concrete from Ted Drewes (approximate)

Kristie McClanahan

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Psycho Tim
Psycho Tim

For the love of everything holy, please stop acting like White Castle is native to St. Louis.

It was founded in Wichita, Kansas (four years prior to the first location in St. Louis), it is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and there are as nearly as many locations in New Jersey as there are in all of Missouri.

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