Explore St. Louis...But Don't Forget the Immodium!

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As Gut Check was tooling through the Explore St. Louis website looking for upcoming geeky conventions worth counterfeiting a lanyard ID and crashing (what can we say -- everyone needs a hobby!), we chanced upon the page for the Airport Minority Advisory Council's 28th annual AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference (or, in Explore St. Louis' boosterish parlance, "THE 28TH ANNUAL AMAC AIRPORT BUSINESS DIVERSITY CONFERENCE!").

No, we're not going to sneak into that one. But we did enjoy the introductory paragraph of Explore STL's "welcome" to attendees, and we figured we'd share.

Click through to see what caused Gut Check to laugh till we got a cramp...

Here, see for yourself:

image via
Go on ahead! Click pic to enlarge and see if you can spot the sentence that caused Gut Check to bust a gut!...

With a respectful nod to the competitive readers among us, we'll continue this post on the next page...

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