What Is St. Louis' Most Underrated Burger?

Ian Froeb
The (underrated) burger at Deaver's Restaurant & Bar in Florissant
For several years Bill Burge of STL Bites and StewedSTL kept telling me (and everyone else) that Deaver's Restaurant & Sports Bar (2109 Charbonier Road, Florissant; 314-838-0002) had an underrated burger. As much as it pains me to admit it, Burge usually knows what he's talking about -- especially when it comes to burgers.

And, yes, the Deaver's burger is excellent. It even made my list of finalists for Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis 2011 "Best Burger".

So as we observe National Hamburger Month, I decided that rather than just celebrate the usual critical and popular favorites, Gut Check should also seek out some other underrated burgers.

Which is where you come in.

Know of a great burger at an unlikely or unheralded spot, be it a restaurant or dive bar or, hell, a highway rest stop?

Tell us about it in the comments section by Monday, May 14. Be as persuasive as you can. (In other words, don't just name the place.) I'll narrow the field down to the five most intriguing possibilities and then ask you to vote for the 1st Annual Gut Check's Most Underrated Burger in St. Louis Award.

And, yes, once that's done, we're going to do a Most Overrated Burger contest, too.

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Deaver's Restaurant & Sports Bar

2109 Charbonier Road, Florissant, MO

Category: Music

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