50 Ounces of 7-Eleven Double Gulp Is Still a Lot of Double Gulp

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What's really scary is that this woman is 6 feet tall.
Shocking news from the fountain-soda beat: 7-Eleven has reduced the capacity of its Double Gulp from 64 ounces to a mere 50. Is 7-Eleven taking a stand in the contentious debate about obesity in America?

Nope. Seems the 64-ounce Double Gulp was just too damn big for the average vehicle's cup-holder.

Lest you still think 7-Eleven is doing your health any favors by shrinking its Double Gulp, consider: If you fill your Double Gulp with a regular soda -- Coca-Cola, say -- you're still pouring nearly 600 calories.

(By Coca-Cola's own nutritional information, the calories per ounce of Coke range from 11.667 to 12 -- so there are somewhere from 580 and 600 calories in 50 ounces. Of course, that doesn't take into account that most fountain-soda drinkers wil have ice cubes in the cup, too. WHATEVER.)

How big is 50 ounces of Double Gulp?

Well, a McDonald's Big Mac is 550 calories:


You could have two bacon cheeseburgers from Burger King, and that would cost you only a little bit more than the 50-ounce Coke at 620 calories:



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