ObamaCare Upheld? Gut Check's Chowing Down on Our Favorite Gut Busters

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Ian Froeb
Gut Check rejoiced at this morning's news that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare. Of course, we already have health care, but we know that unemployment is only one terrible blog post away (this one, perhaps), and we suffer from a debilitating preexisting condition: an insatiable curiosity to try the towering experiments of caloric excess foisted upon the American public.

Page through to see our five favorite gut-busting creation that we'll happily have shoved down our gullets gavage-style now that we know our well-marbled rear is covered, employed or not.

Ian Froeb
Subway's Doritos Nachos

What could be better than Nacho Cheese Doritos topped with cheese (or "cheese") sauce and jalapeño slices? Cool Ranch Doritos topped with cheese (or "cheese") sauce and jalapeño slices.

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Ian Froeb
KFC Double Down Sandwich

KFC introduced this "sandwich" of bacon, cheese and the poorly named "Colonel's Sauce" between two fried chicken-breast fillets rather than slices of bread for a limited time in 2010. What better way to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision than to bring it back? For good.

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