Jilted Growlers Pub Fan Takes His Fight to Facebook

Diana Benanti
Inside Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills
Matt Bowler thought he had the perfect birthday present for himself. The St. Louis native, who turns 28 this week, only needed to try twelve more beers to complete his "beer card" of the 133 beers available at Growlers Pub (3811 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Sunset Hills; 314-984-9009).

"I've been going to Growlers for several years now, ever since my cousin introduced me to the whole beer card system," Bowler says. "I've drank beer with my brothers [there] on a somewhat regular basis, so we all appreciate beer and food, just like most people."

A couple of weeks ago, Bowler paid Growlers a visit to get a head start on completing those last dozen beers before his birthday.

"They brought out the [beer] menu and it was just a table-topper -- it wasn't the book with all the explanations of [beer] styles," Bowler explains. "It actually looks like they cut out a third of the beer selection. There were 33 drafts [now] and maybe the same number or maybe a little less of bottles."

Growlers' food menu was also quite different. A selection of salad, sandwiches, flatbreads and grilled entrées had replaced the familiar pub fare.

When Bowler inquired about the changes, he says, "They didn't give [me] a whole lot of information about why it had changed, just there was new management."

(Gut Check has attempted, without success, to reach Growlers Pub's general manager for comment on the changes. We'll update this post when we do.)

After this visit to Growlers, Bowler decided to take action.

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