Blood & Sand's Chris Bork Asks Locals To Please Stop Egging Valeted Cars, Restaurant Employees

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Holly Fann
The bar at Blood & Sand
New restaurants will always have start-up issues, but at members-only Blood & Sand (1500 St. Charles Street; 314-241-7263) the management has encountered some rather unusual ones. The following is a Facebook post published by Blood & Sand chef Chris Bork on Thursday, August 9:

"Since we have opened Blood & Sand there have been residents who have been opposed to us. Not sure why, but they have let us know. We valet on St. Charles which is a one way street. We do not block the whole street, there is plenty of room for traffic to pass. In the beginning cops were called nonstop because we were doing this. No one parks on this street because there is no parking. I'm willing to bet everyone who owns/rents in the neighborhood owns/rents one of the spaces in the 3 parking garages. Next we dealt with a disgruntled resident who was smearing his dogs shit all over the handles of valet parked cars. Now we have someone throwing eggs at cars and employees from above in the terra cotta lofts. How is it that we are bad for you? Is it bad that young, driven people are trying to add something to the downtown in which you live. You may not like anything we do, but if our business is a success it is good for everyone."

Perhaps calling the restaurant's issues "unusual" was being generous.

Bork was unavailable for comment when Gut Check contacted Blood & Sand, but restaurant manager Adam Frager insists that the issues the restaurant has experienced with local residents doesn't represent the neighborhood as a whole.

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Do you know what I HATE about crap, pseudo-journalism articles like this? They don't bother to cover the 5 BASICS of every article: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW & WHY? Why are these incidents happening is the question the reader is left with and that is the MOST IMPORTANT after reporting that this IS happening. We are now just left to speculate: is it because of the valet parking? Is it because of the "Members-Only" presumably elitist nature of this venue that people are taking offense to? Did anyone associated with the writing of this article bother to ask local residents WHY it might be happening? Or is this one of "those" stories in STL where EVERYONE knows the WHY but nobody is saying because it isn't PC to say so? Way too many news stories in STL that are like THAT! Maybe if Blood & Sand were to engage the locals who seem to have an issue with them, invite them in for a drink or nibble and to have a COMMUNITY CHAT (remember those? when neighbors actually TALKED WITH EACH OTHER to resolve any issues?? A novel concept nowadays, I know but still...) they could figure out what the issue is and - GASP - maybe even RESOLVE the issue? And why eggs? Is THAT significant or just a random mechanism of vandalim? And for those wondering about the rumored "elitist Members-Only" natureof this venue, please note that it isn't as bad as it seems.  "Members" pay a nominal fee (I seriously paid $1 for my "membership" when they first opened) and then get to be part of the Blood & Sand family.  My understanding is that this "Members-Only" concept is NOT to keep (certain) people out as some have suggested but to INCLUDE everyone and INVITE everyone to be a MEMBER of the Blood & Sand Family.  It is INCLUSIVE rather than EXCLUSIVE and once you pay your "membership fee" the owners make great efforts to "know" you and learn your likes and dislikes.  I heard that the "memberships" are actually all sold out now which, if true, is a bit odd. BUT, a colleague from out of town went in on a Wednesday night on my recommendation to Blood & Sand and even though he could not acquire the "membership" he did have a wonderful meal and a great evening there at B&S even without the elusive membership.

So, does anyone have the goods on the WHY of this story? Inquiring minds (and Blood & Sand Members) want to know!!!

Charlesena Rodriquez
Charlesena Rodriquez

What grown-ass person smears dog poo on other people's car door handles or eggs the cars and employees?! If the residents are unhappy about the valet parking, then they should have asked questions in the beginning when the restaurant was coming into the neighborhood. Childish really!


What the heck even IS a "members only restaurant"? Is this some new code word for "whites only"?


 @jbradhicks Dude, it's a club membership no different than that which you would find if you were to join a spa, the YMCA, or a country club, with no restrictions to ethnicity, and you're an idiot for suggesting

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