Hooters New Ad Campaign Features Cruelly Casual Mockery of the Inexorable Decline of the Human Body -- Also: Puppets!

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Ur-breastaurant Hooters has embarked upon what Nation's Restaurant News terms, without even a hint of a smile, "a brand augmentation" to compete against the up-and-comers in its ever-more-crowded field. That includes expanded, upgraded menus -- no, the chicken wings aren't going anywhere -- and an ad campaign that features two owl finger puppets, one an angel, the other a devil. As you can probably guess, these puppets dramatize a potential Hooters customer's reasons for and against going to the restaurant.

While you might suspect that the thought process of the typical Hooters customer goes a little something like, "I'm hungry. BOOBS!", the first ad in the campaign suggests that this typical customer is physically repulsed to the point of nausea by the sight of the inevitable aging of a woman's body, a repulsion that can only be countered by some sweet, young T&A and a dozen buffalo wings.

Watch for yourself after the jump.

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this commercial is a sad commentary on the disrespectful and contemptuous attitude the advertising agency, though its analysis of american zeitgeist,  came up with as a consensus to human thought about aging. to disrespect the human body to the point of making a puppet do the dirty work of saying..."i'm going to vomit..." is cowardly and fatuous. The blatant condemnation of wisdom in the commercial is troubling too. well i am happy i probably won't get to see the purveyors and lappers of this hate mongering propaganda become not only saggy but also bereft of a single functioning neuron. Hooters has presented itself as a hate mongering brand.


 @matt Matt, not only do you raise their matricidal contempt and blatant disregard for the aged, you show that Hooters believes that it is societal and a traditional AMERICAN norm and belief to disrespect your elders. something as abominable and equal to in significance as a hate crime, racial prejudice, is produced as the anthem of a disabled youth, striving to fiil their guts with grease and fantasize while texting and oogling bosoms. well, i hope the producer allows his mother, father , grandmother and grandfather to watch this commercial without a pang of shame in his heart. this is a disgraceful show of venom injected into the heart of all mothers and fathers from a hooded snake who should be thankful to his mommy and daddy  for teaching him how to express himself ,albeit in a shameful way rather than vomit at the sight of a normal human body.


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