Review Preview: BlackFinn American Grille

Evan C. Jones
The "Ying-Yang Shrimp" (left) at BlackFinn American Grille: A continent, distilled?
Last week, I found much to admire in, of all places, an upscale national chain restaurant at a shopping mall. Will lightning strike twice this week as I visit another (slightly less) upscale national chain restaurant at a shopping mall: BlackFinn American Grill (South Brentwood Boulevard & Clayton Road, Richmond Heights; 314-726-5300)?


BlackFinn American Grille serves an appetizer called "Ying-Yang Shrimp." This provocatively titled starter is described on the menu as "crispy shrimp, sweet and spicy Asian sauce." Here I am, blithely assuming the name is an unfortunate typo, and it turns out BlackFinn has accomplished the momentous feat of packing the essence of an entire continent in a single sauce. Damned if that doesn't have "ying-yang" written all over it -- and in an "American Grille," no less!

Needless to say, I had to order it.

Alas, what my server brought forth failed to live up to the sobriquet: a dish of small shrimp, decidedly un-"crispy," tossed willy-nilly over a bed of shredded lettuce. The "Asian" sauce was sweet, all right, but nowhere near spicy. It tasted like sugar syrup thickened with cornstarch. For this I paid $11.99. For that I could have had two orders of BlackFinn's soft pretzels seasoned with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese. These are nothing to write home about, but at least you're not ostensibly writing home from Asia. (The pretzels come with a mustard-cheese dipping sauce that has a nice zip to it.)

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BlackFinn American Grille

1147 Saint Louis Galleria, St. Louis, MO

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Wow. Way to judge a restaurant on one dish. Some top notch journalism right there Mr.Froeb. How about I offer a critique on the one (and hopefully final) review I have read of yours in the Riverfront Times. You write like a pompous no mark "food critic", and I hope to high heavens the ownership of this newspaper are not foolish enough to pay you for this drivel. Stick to Yelp, a place where you belong, you waste of column inches amateur.  Disgraceful that people like you are provided a platform when you obviously know next to nothing about the business.


 @sryan  I have nothing to do with RFT  and have never read an article by Ian Froeb. But Ian froeb is correct the food is terrible and expensive.  Been there twice! The ambiance is great but the food lacking big time!

IanFroeb 1 Like

 @sryan You don't know how this works, do you?


 @IanFroeb  @sryan

Nice, a snide reply to an unfavorable comment! Classy "journalism" right there. It is actually satisfying to know that you read what I wrote. Only deserving that peons like you get taken down a peg or two, once in awhile, for shoddy work.

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