The Jellinator: A Test of the Ultimate Jell-O Shot Maker

Jellinator shots.jpg
Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!
So. You need to make some Jell-O shots. A lot of Jell-O shots. First, you'll need to boil some water, add about a cup of vodka, and a packet of Jell-O mix.

Cut to a black-and-white film reel of a woman spilling piping hot, alcohol-infused Jell-O juice from the pot everywhere! What a disaster! Is there no relief from this torment?

Ta-da! Introducing, The Jellinator! A locally-invented and produced, Jell-O shot crankin', game changer. Gut Check took one for a spin and reports on the fascinating results.

Trish Piazza of Creve Coeur told Gut Check that the Jellinator came into being when she needed to make a bajillion Jell-O shots for a golf tournament. She argues that rather than a mere sorority party mainstay, the Jell-O shot is actually poised to go mainstream.

From a video demo of the Jellinator.
"It's a nice conversation starter," she says. "Now people expect Jell-O shots from me. I can whip out a batch of Jell-O shots a lot faster than I can bake a cake. And a bottle of wine is so boring."

The name conjures an image of a magical one-step Jell-O shot factory, but its main function is to take the mess out of getting the shots into their individual cups. It's basically just a funnel connected to a tube with a spring-loaded trigger tip. Push down on the tip and the Jell-O juice flows, release and it stops. As the package says, "The Magic Is In The Tip." Indeed.

Click through to see Gut Check's lovely hand model in action.

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