The Jellinator: A Test of the Ultimate Jell-O Shot Maker

Behold the magic in the tip:

jellinator step 2.jpg

Jellinator step 3.jpg

Piazza's invention retails for $18.99, or $27.99 including 125 Jell-O shot cups with lids. She says they've sold about 5,000 units so far and are still producing them in their home.

At first, Gut Check just threw a pack of blue Jell-O together with some vodka, and Jellinated away. The results were so popular that we decided to get a little more creative.

We jiggered the lock on the Gut Check liquor cabinet and came up with three recipes:

Piña Colada: pineapple Jell-O + Malibu rum
Margarita: lime Jell-O + tequila + triple sec + salt rim
Screwdriver: orange Jell-O + orange vodka

Jellinator and booze.jpg

We learned several lessons almost immediately.

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