Galliano Posts All-Star Fried Chicken & Fish Menu

Jennifer Silverberg
Josh Galliano will open All-Star Fried Chicken & Fish on August 13 only.
Only a week remains until Josh Galliano opens his one-night-only pop-up restaurant All-Star Fried Chicken & Fish. All-Star will run Monday, August 13, from 5 p.m. until either 10 p.m. or, more likely, the food runs out inside Half & Half (8135 Maryland Avenue, Clayton; 314-725-0719).

Our friends at StewedSTL have posted the All-Star menu (PDF), and to say it's ambitious would be an understatement.

Galliano is offering a full board of "snacks," appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts -- 32 dishes in all, if you count each of the "Preserved Bites" (a selection of such pickles and preserves, one of the snacks) and sides.

The snacks include fried Great Lakes smelt and deviled eggs with pimento cheese and fried chicken livers. Among the appetizers are the classic New Orleans noodle soup (and, as the menu points out, "hangover cure") yaka mein as well as sorghum-glazed pork belly and rabbit and oyster boudin.

Location Info

Half & Half

8135 Maryland Ave., Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

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